Here are the rules, 

What? I can't say that. Okay. Fine. 

Here, are the real rules.

 Join our group or Watch it! This is not a a request. Freaking do it or I'll turn into a Chimera and rip you in two. No, I'm serious. I will. I can turn into one. 

-Must be a member of dA for at least one month. This is so we know you are not a spy infiltrator, looking to penetrate our lines and verbally assassinate our beloved leader.

-Must have uploaded at least 1 deviation (art or story) This is so we know you contribute to da instead of being a virgin and not doing anything productive. Loser, submit some art instead of looking at mine's, okay?

 If you want to submit artwork: • Ideas for the anime should go in the Concept Art folder • Art unrelated to the fanime should go in Miscellaneous. Becaus eit does not deserve a category. Your art is not a simportant as ours. Got that? • Please do not submit art unrelated to VOCALOID • Please don't submit fanfictions or OC's, even if they are related to VOCALOID. Your fandoming is not welcome here, we don't want you touching our canon unless you're an admin.  If we catch anyone in the group being rude to other members, especially staff, you will be murdered in your sleep without warning. Further rudeness whether or not it's directed at us, will be swiftly result in a teabagging, executions and genocide.

So yeah, there you go. The rules. Remember to be nice. Or you will die.